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Divine Birthing and Cosmic Closure

Divine birthing and cosmic closure are definitely the words for this hour in the church and the world. I say this because of what happened when we finished prayer today. The Lord said in my hearing, "it's a wrap" three times. I knew it meant heaven has begun finishing off its outstanding ventures. This is good news for God, and for some of us. It says previous struggles with getting things done are suspend for awhile. For a season, we can finish what He wants. Thus, closure and completion on the highest and lowest levels will dominate the world's landscape. In prayer I saw the Lord Jesus in a meeting with His own staff telling them to wrap up whatever long standing projects they are working on. Immediately after He spoke I looked around His conference table and saw who He was talking to. It was His chief ministers. They recognized the urgency in His voice and responded accordingly. It seems they too are under the gun to wrap up their part of what the Lord wants to conclude by or before December 15th, 2014. That puts pressure on us to do the same. The upside of this is that power is being released from heaven to expedite its ventures on earth. These words are not meant to create a mad frenzy. They are simply to alert you to a most propitious time in God's kingdom calendar. In sharing them, I seek to position you who are ready to take advantage of a vast window of opportunity the Lord is opening in 2015. Acting in this window could flourish peculiar, and difficult projects. If you have been faithful in the least, the fruit of your obedience will be felt way into the future. That is, provided you meet your God ordained time frame. My only caution to you is to not be reckless. Think things out and work them out, before you commit your all to walking your venture out in the world.

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