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Dr. Paula Price Power Training

Dr. Price discovered the soul has a technology of its own that affects success. The hindrances most people face trying to overcome life’s odds are buried in the soul. Few humans realize the role their soul’s mysteries plays in life’s pursuits and conquests. Dr. Price’s expertise on this and many other topics delivers doable wisdom that unlocks the secrets to why some people win with ease, and others recycle setbacks whenever they try. She will inform and enthuse your audience as she decrypts soul enigmas and unveils why and how life happens the way it does. 

Now you can get immediate access to online webinars and classes from Dr. Price, designed to equip God's ministers with captivating fresh revelation, competent ministry tools, and expert professional resources that will take the Body of Christ to the next dimension of biblical knowledge and Godly wisdom.


Classes cover the gambit, from day to day tips for success to understanding kingdom leadership. If you are an emerging apostle, awakening prophet, a travailing intercessor or general minister, you can enroll in the series that best suits you. 


If you are just hungry for new knowledge and information you can enroll in them all.  Whether you are in the marketplace or the ecclesia, there is something in this series for you. ​These classes can also serve as great supplemental assignments for existing ministry training groups or bible studies. Get ready to elevate your thinking, mantle and ministry. Start training today!

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